Daniel T Wheeler

I am a traditional photographer from the Midlands, U.K. I run and own a small communtity darkroom in Derby called The Photo Parlour. My aim is to re introduce film photography to a new audience as well as give exhisiting film photographers a place to produce work.
All the work on this blog is my own and they have all been lovingly developed and printed by hand. Hope you enjoy them. For any more information please don't hesitate to message me.
Sketchbook scan
Playing with Liquid light and Fabriano paper

Sketchbook scan

Playing with Liquid light and Fabriano paper

More Paper Negative experiments using 25 year old Kodabromine II RC paper

Currently exploring the possibilities of the paper negative.

These are scans directly from my sketch book.

Its the first real project I’ve ever done, I can’t wait it see where it takes me.

The Photo Parlour

I can proudly announce that my community darkroom “The Photo Parlour” now has a website,
Very exciting stuff! Thanks a million to Holly Booth and Lara Elliott for sorting me out and getting it done. Leg-ends!!!
Check it out and share!!!!

Anna outside Lifetime Tattoo, Derby

Anna outside Lifetime Tattoo, Derby

I got my dream camera this weekend, a Mamiya 6 medium format rangefinder.

It is literally the most incredible camera i have ever used. Im very much looking forward to producing LOTS of work with it. Its so quick and easy to use and the quality of the lens and the camera itself are the best I’ve ever come across. Better than any Rolleiflex, Leica, Hasselblad, Nikon or Canon camera i can think of.

I ran two test rolls through it at the tattooist below my studio on saturday and spent the day developing the film and prints. Its boosted my thirst for photography! Much more coming very soon!


Firstly, sorry about the lack of posts recently. Its been a crazy few months and most of my time has been spent building, painting and plumbing to get The Photo Parlour up and running for our opening on the 12th of April.

The opening party was great! The place was packed and all the free booze got drank and we had a dance in the studio at midnight. I cant ask for more than that! A big thank you to everyone that came down and all the artists that exhibited in the gallery space, it wouldn’t have happened without you.

We’ve got our Logo sorted which has been lovingly designed by the mighty Chris Marsh (AKA Arthur Foxcakes). I think it perfectly illustrates the hands on ethos behind The Photo Parlour.

I have been featured in a few regional publications recently including The Derby Evening Telegraph and Artsbeat magazine which is amazing. I have also been featured on the Bees Make Honey Co-op site which is an excellent resource for new creative businesses.

Its great that people are interested in the traditional darkroom and believe that there is still room for analogue in an increasingly digital world. I’ve received nothing but positive and encouraging comments from everyone that has seen the darkroom,studio and gallery, which is very encouraging.

I also became an Ilford Artisan! This means I am an Ilford authorised tutor and retailer and that all my workshops will be advertised on the Ilford site. I must admit its a little overwhelming to be included in a list of tutors including the likes of Dave Butcher, Andrew SandersonSteven Taylor and Jonathan Stead. I feel very privileged to be included in that list of photographers and darkroom practitioners.

All in all its been a pretty incredible month! We are currently putting the finishing touches to The Photo Parlour and finalising our workshop schedule which should begin in May. We are also getting the website (www.photo-parlour.com) up and running soon containing all the information on our services and facilities, along with our workshop schedule and prices.

Keep an eye on this blog for more exciting news very soon!!!

As some of you may know over the past few months i have been building a community darkroom , studio and shop in Derby called The Photo Parlour. My wonderful partner Lara Elizabeth Elliott has been following me around with a DSLR over the last year filming me shooting film, developing, printing, talking crap, teaching and building the space. She intends to make a film documenting The Photo Parlour from its conception through to its completion as a community based environment for Photographers to hire and a space to carry out workshops in various photographic techniques.
Please feel free to re-blog and spread the word and keep an eye out for blog posts on the finished documentary in the future.