For those who don’t know (and thats probably most of you) for the past few months i have been planning and building a traditional darkroom and studio based where i live in Derby, UK. I will be providing facilities for people to develop their own film and print their own images and well as take part in workshops i will be running for anyone, from beginners to experienced traditional photographers.

    The studio will be community based and i will try and offer services at a price that is fair and affordable to all. I will also be having regular exhibitions of work produced in the darkroom as well as work produced by local artists. I want to create an environment where people feel comfortable so that they can enjoy learning new skills and hone their craft.

    The Grand opening of the studio will be on Friday 12th April, however, i will be running workshops for FORMAT festival in the space next month. FORMAT is on of the biggest independent photography festivals in the U.K and i’m very excited to be part of it. 

    Please follow the blog for loads of exciting news www.photoparlour.tumblr.com Spread the word!

    (photographs lovingly taken by the amazing Lara Elizabeth Elliott) 

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